Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Executive Board


Please contact the BEA office (bea18018@gmail.com) from your home email account to reach any of the officers.

President: Laura Keding (Districtwide)

Vice Presidents:

Jon Ayre (Freedom) - High Schools

Karen Wilmore (Broughal) - Middle Schools

Gregory Woods (James Buchanan) - Elementary Schools

Deb Marek (Broughal) - Special Services

Treasurer: Courtney Weikert (Thomas Jefferson)

Secretary: Valarie Belejo (Lincoln)

Those elected will serve until June 30, 2021. Delegates are expected to represent the views of the BEA Executive Board/Representative Council at statewide and regional events as well as attend Representative Council and General Membership meetings. Please logon to the BEA website to access the Members Only section if you would like to review the Association's bylaws.

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