Sunday, October 25, 2020
2016-17 Community Outreach
Chemo Bag Supply Collection - Thank you to all our BEA members who helped with donations for The Chemo Bag organization again this year. This is our second year collecting for this great cause!

Other Donations this year include:

$1,000 donation to BAEF

$750 donation to support United Way Teen Works Program

2015-16 Community Outreach

The BEA membership generously supports our community. 
Thank you to all our BEA members who helped fill our front office with donations for The Chemo Bag organization. Donations are on their way to those who need them the most!


Other recent contributions include:

$1,000 donation to Bling Your Bra for Making Strides Lehigh Valley

$500 donation to support United Way Teen Works Program

Together we make a difference! 

2014-15 Community Outreach

PBS 39 DOCUMENTARY FUND: In March, 2015, the BEA representative council approved a $2,500 donation to the production of the PBS documentary: The Liberty High School Grenadier Marching Band. Many of our members were former band members, as well as many members' children, nieces, nephews & neighbors have been a part of this legacy! Also, Channel 39 has also been working with both Spring Garden and Freedom students to further their skills in planning and preparation of media & messages. Thank you, Channel 39!

BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS: Again, we had a BEA bowling team participate in the BBBS Bowl for Kids Sake 2015 and donated $450 for furthering the work of this local organization in our BASD schools. Many of our students benefit from the BBBS program.

UNITED WAY: TEEN WORKS AND BASD COMMUNITY SCHOOLS - At the conclusion of the UW's Giving Campaign this Fall, the BEA representative council approved $2,500 to be earmarked for BASD Community Schools initiatives and an additional $2,500 for the Teen Works program. (NOTE: This year a group of Nitschmann students applied for and were granted $600 from the Teen Works Board for their project to build additional seating in the Bethlehem Rose Garden. Congratulations, NiMS students!)

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